“We've worked with hundreds
of software-as-a-service companies over the years and Public Records Tracker is one of best solutions we've seen! It's easy to use and delivers critical functionality to both government agencies and citizens. In the new era of government transparency, Public Records Tracker is clearly leading the way.”

–Alex Hawkinson
CEO, Mural Ventures

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About Us: Citizen Request Management


Since 1996, Webfortis has been specializing in business management consulting, change management and delivering customized and focused business and technology solutions. We are dedicated to developing and deploying CRM solutions that help agencies improve their business and attain their goals. We bring our clients not only world-class technical expertise but also a firm understanding of your complex business requirements and a proven methodology used successfully at hundreds of companies. We are a leader and trusted advisory to our government clients, helping them solve complex problems. Our SaaS (Software as a Service) offerings are built on the Microsoft Dynamics CRM platform and provide a cost effective means for government to deliver services to citizens through freedom of information software technology in the cloud.

Webfortis understands the complexities of government procurement. Our team provided independent and objective analysis to California's Department of General Services to address the core, underlying issues related to uniform purchasing of goods, services, telecommunications, and information technology. Our final report was favorably referenced and quoted in the 2004 California Performance Review (CPR) report "A Government for the People for a Change," and is on the DGS website.

As a trusted advisor and industry leader, the Webfortis team spearheaded an Advisory Panel of some of the largest government agencies in California to collaborate and help resolve key issues facing government in managing requests for public records information. These efforts lead to the development of a "best practices" process for government in responding to California Public Records Act requests for information more efficiently. This process combined with our automated CRM system and FOI software for managing and tracking public records request has afforded multiple agencies quantifiable efficiencies in their public records departments.

If this product looks vaguely familiar, or like something you have heard about before, it is likely because the original development team came from Eskel Porter Consulting (EPC). During the fourth quarter of 2012 Webfortis and Eskel Porter entered into a Strategic Alliance that named Webfortis as the sole service provider and owner of the Intellectual Property (IP) that makes up the foundation of Public Records Tracker. This Alliance ultimately led to Webfortis acquiring Eskel Porter’s Microsoft Dynamics Practice.

Webfortis continues to grow their passion for solving government problems and those specifically related to improving service delivery, including on premise technology solutions; Citizen Request Management, Economic Development and Call Center/Complaint Management. These solutions are currently being used by a number of government organizations today and more solutions are on the horizon.